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Here you will find leather clothing in different areas such as women's leather clothing, men's leather clothing and bikers & classics.  
Fashion trends come and go. Some disappear after one season, others last a few years, some shape an entire decade and may even make a comeback. And then there are a few trends that simply never go out of fashion, accompany generations and achieve cult status - like the leather jacket!

The leather trousers look back on a long history. Whether traditional garment of traditional costume fashion, robust workwear for hunting and equestrian sports, expression of rebellion in the music and youth scene or popular functional clothing for motorcyclists - leather trousers have enjoyed great popularity in the most diverse areas for centuries. Men's leather trousers and women's leather trousers have long since found their way into the fashion world and present themselves on the catwalks of this world in a diverse and changeable way: they are now available in long and short, narrow and wide, in light, dark and brightly coloured. From classic smooth leather trousers to tight slim-fit jeans made of lamb nappa to rough nubuck lace-up leather trousers, everything is on offer these days. And when it comes to colour, men's leather trousers are more changeable than ever: besides the classic black, leather trousers in signal colours like red, green or yellow as well as trendy colours like grey, white or blue dominate the catwalks. So if you thought leather trousers were only for Oktoberfest and heavy metal concerts, you're wrong: men's leather trousers have long since become socially acceptable and can also be incorporated into any wardrobe alongside a rocking biker look and traditional country style.