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The right way to care for leather trousers 
Proper care for leather trousers - how to keep your second skin supple

Proper care for leather trousers - how to keep your second skin supple

Apart from their fashionable versatility, leather trousers are one thing above all: durable. As a faithful fashion companion in all situations, your leather trousers adapt perfectly to your figure after a while and wear like a second skin. Leather is usually strong and tear-resistant, although soft lamb nappa or thin suede naturally don't have the same stability as firm cowhide. Nevertheless, leather trousers are hard-wearing and durable - with good care you will have your leather trousers for a lifetime. That's why you should follow these care tips:

Impregnation, for example by treating with a colourless (!) leather impregnation spray, protects your leather trousers from the elements. It gives the leather water-repellent properties and thus reduces the risk of stains. Impregnation is particularly useful for sensitive suede, such as suede and nubuck. Moisture and stains no longer penetrate the pores of the leather so quickly and your leather trousers are protected from moisture and dirt.

Leather trousers do not belong in the washing machine. This is not even necessary, because it is often enough to let the leather trousers air out briefly. After a few hours in the fresh air, your favourite piece will smell like new.

To remove light dirt, you can simply and gently clean your leather trousers by hand. Superficial dirt on smooth leather can be removed with a damp cloth; for cleaning suede, there are tools such as the suede brush and the leather eraser. With some leather trousers, you can also pull out all or part of the lining so that you can carefully wash it by hand. Make sure you only use lukewarm water and mild soap.

If your leather trousers are stubbornly dirty, you can take them to a leather cleaner, where they will be cleaned professionally and gently.

Small scratches in smooth leather can easily be polished out with leather grease. To do this, apply a little colourless leather grease with a soft cloth, dab it onto the affected area of your leather trousers and massage it into the leather in small, circular movements. This will not only make the scratch disappear visually, but will also care for the leather and make it soft and supple again.