Leather care

Basic rules of leather care

* Always try every type of leather care on the inside first * Never treat leather with harsh solvents such as petrol or acetone

* Dry damp leather clothing on a hanger at normal room temperature and never expose to intense heat

* Do not store leather clothing in plastic bags * Iron from the left side (wool temperature and dry ironing cloth)

* Protect leather clothing from strong light sources

Preventive leather care

The usability of leather clothing depends largely on successful impregnation . This causes:

* Protection against water stains

* Slower dirt absorption

* Special dirt can be removed more easily


Before wearing it for the first time, spray every piece of leather clothing thoroughly with a good leather clothing waterproofing agent! Follow the instructions carefully.

- Care for suede, nubuck and split leather

* Vacuum up leather dust with a vacuum cleaner

* Remove with damp chamois leather * Roll off with adhesive lint roller

* Apply adhesive tape to receipts, remove sanding tape

* Wear the color tone-on-tone for the first time

* Remove dust by brushing regularly with a crepe brush or leather eraser

Attention: Leather dust is an early problem and is not a legitimate reason for complaint

- Care of nappa leather

Apply nappa cream to a soft cloth and rub leather once or twice a year.

What is achieved is: cleaning, re-greasing, silky shine.

Attention: Do not apply cream to aniline leather, as fatty cream will make it darker.