Men's leather clothing

High-quality men's leather clothing: enthusiasm through quality

Are individual appearance, fashion awareness and demands for the highest quality and precise workmanship of central importance to you? An attractive appearance should go hand in hand with high-quality clothing? Then we invite you to explore the diverse selection of inexpensive men's fashion in our online shop. From stylish leather jackets to trendy leather trousers to various outerwear items made of premium leather - our range offers exclusive designer fashion at attractive prices.

Perfect wardrobe for every occasion – with modern men’s leather fashion

Leather clothing for men is characterized by its timeless elegance and versatility. Our online shop presents the latest men's leather fashion in all its variety, suitable for different styles. Regardless of whether you prefer classic-elegant, sporty, rock or casual outfits - in our range you will find high-quality leather clothing for men that is suitable for every occasion. A black biker leather jacket gives every everyday outfit a casual rock'n'roll touch, while an elegant leather jacket combined with suit trousers and a button-down shirt creates an outfit suitable for the office. Nature lovers can discover robust leather jeans as the perfect companion for outdoor activities such as horse riding, hunting and motorcycling. Our extensive leather range for men offers the right item of clothing for every situation in life.

Set accents! Men's leather clothing, as individual as you are

Thanks to a wide range of cuts, colors and sizes, there are no limits to your fashion creativity. Discover timeless classics such as five-pocket leather jeans or the robust biker jacket for men as well as current styles for modern streetwear looks. The color selection ranges from strong red, blue and green to trendy colors such as white, yellow and orange to elegant gray, beige or burgundy tones. Leather pants and jackets are available in different types of leather, washes and with trendy details such as seams, rivets, prints or patches. The fits vary from tailored leather shirts to slim-cut leather blazers and tight skinny jeans to boxy-cut leather jackets. Our range offers sizes from XS to XXXL to meet the needs of all statures. Regardless of your figure and preference for fits, men's clothing from Ricano always cuts a good figure.

Combine skillfully: leather fashion for men

Whether summer or winter fashion, Italian or Scandinavian chic - leather clothing has become firmly established from the catwalks of top designers to the street style of major fashion capitals. The timeless natural material suits every season and wardrobe and is very popular with young men as well as those over 50. Leather is not only a current fashion trend, but also an indispensable style essential for retro and vintage looks.

Fans of the 50s or the rockabilly look can take on James Dean's style with rolled-up blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a black leather biker jacket. Medieval enthusiasts create an authentic look with sturdy lace-up jeans made of sturdy smooth or nubuck leather, while city cowboys bring urban western vibes to their outfits with suede shirts. The gothic and metal scene values ​​black leather pants, heavy biker jackets and long leather coats as indispensable elements. The edgy looks of the 90s also cannot do without leather - oversized leather jackets, leather vests and long leather blazers in particular are suitable as eye-catching statement pieces.

Do you prefer understated, clean and minimalist outfits? Black slim-fit jeans made of high-quality, glove-soft lamb nappa leather will give you a puristic and elegant look. A cashmere sweater in a muted color creates a harmonious mix of materials and rounds off the luxurious, understated look.

Everyday leather clothing for men

Tired of boring blue jeans? If you're looking for an alternative that's suitable for everyday wear, we recommend five-pocket leather trousers. This all-rounder is cut like classic denim jeans and can be integrated into any outfit in just as many ways. Simply wear them like blue jeans - with polo shirts, shirts, sweatshirts or blazers. A leather parka is also great for everyday wear and can serve as a stylish replacement for rain jackets and functional jackets. Regardless of your preferred look, your wardrobe is perfectly equipped with modern highlights and classic leather pieces.

Convenient online shopping for men's leather fashion

Are you curious? Take your time to browse through our online shop and let yourself be inspired by the extensive selection of high-quality men's clothing. It's also worth taking a look at our SALE section to discover reduced men's fashion at bargain prices. You can conveniently order your new favorite items online, try them on at home and easily pay by invoice.