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Aniline Protector 400 ml

Aniline Protector 400 ml

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COLOURLOCK Aniline Protector 400 ml

Aniline, nubuck, buffalo and suede leather are unsealed or sanded leather with a soft or velvety surface. The advantages are a pleasantly warm feel and a nice structure. The disadvantage is the sensitivity. Over time, aniline or nubuck leather becomes shiny and greasy, stains more easily and fades more quickly. If an aniline or suede leather is still new and needs care, then we recommend our Aniline Protector. It nourishes the leather and protects it from drying out and fading. If there is a risk of stains, then the leather should also be treated with our impregnation for suede after care. If there is heavy use, this should be done after one year at the latest and then more frequently.

  • ​Aniline and suede leather care spray
  • cares for open-pored aniline, nubuck, buffalo and suede leather
  • protects against drying out and color loss due to fading

Care instructions

Only clean professionally and never machine wash

Care instructions: (link to page)

Delivery and returns

Germany: 1-3 working days
EU: 2-5 working days
14 day return policy

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