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Leather and fur washing concentrate

Leather and fur washing concentrate

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Basically, all leather can be washed with Leather & Fur Washing Concentrate in the washing machine or by hand. If you wash it at the right temperature and according to the instructions, your leather will be clean again, stay soft and will not shrink.

250 ml of leather detergent is enough for one to two washes. If leather is washed frequently, the liter container is also an option.

Always pay attention to the following:

● Soak heavily greasy or soiled leather (collar, cuffs, lapels) in a hand bath and carefully pre-treat with a soft brush and leather detergent.

● With combinations of different colored leathers or with leather-textile mixes or with light linings and different colored leathers, discoloration cannot be ruled out. Then always use the leather fixative .

● Never wash two different items together, except for items of the same color! When combining, always wash all parts!

● Some leathers have already faded or have signs of wear before cleaning. Such previous damage sometimes becomes more visible when the dirt is removed after washing.

● There are types of leather on the market where dyes are not sufficiently fixed or are coated with oils or fats. Such leather becomes clean when cleaned, but the surface changes.

● Buttons that are not well sewn or applications that are sewn on too loosely must be secured (e.g. turned inside out or hand washed).

● Lambskins with a pure white back sometimes have a washable tan and harden! Therefore, always cut off a small piece first and test wash it.

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